The Need for Study Guides (presented @ From My Classroom to Yours 2013)

1. ScreenChomp - Create a list of equations for students to solve. Student’s task will be to work out the equation and record the steps they took to solve the equation.

2. StudyBlue - Give students a list of important terms to know for thier exam, have students create flash cards. Students should review using Review mode and then take the quiz.

3. Socrative - Create sample test item questions for students to review. For a fun and engaging practice, allow students to use Socrative’s game mode.

4. Red Laser - All students love a scavenger hunt. Create a scavenger hunt for equations, or vocabulary. Use and create QR codes. Post the codes around the school and have students complete the scavenger hunt.

5. SonicPics and Doodle Buddy - Give students a word problem to solve. Have them find pictures to explain the word problem and use Doodle Buddy to work out each step. Screen shots of their work in Doddle Buddy will used in their SonicPic presentation. Have students explain their process in a voice recording.