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To foster literacy learning for students who are blind or who are deaf-blind, they need to have access to a changing assortment of accessible books. Start-to-Finish Literacy Starter books were developed by Don Johnston, Inc to address the needs of older students with significant disabilities, addressing a range of curriculum-based content areas through three types of text that address the language, print processing, and word identification skills required for early, successful reading. The Center for Literacy and Disability Studies at UNC has taken these books and brailled and adapted with them with tactuals. They are currently being used by students with deaf-blindness in North Carolina model classrooms. All directions contain a materials shopping list and page-by-page directions that includes photographs. The books themselves need to be purchased separately.

The Teaching Students with Visual Impairments website:

The mission of Teaching Students with Visual Impairments is to: address and encompass all aspects related to educating students who are blind or visually impaired from diagnosis and referral to adaptations and unique instruction; provide all persons involved in the student's education with the necessary resources they need to help each student become successful members of their communities; and to equip those in the vision field with a readily available resource to meet the wide range of needs of the students they serve. Check out the Adapt tab: