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Building Books Page by Page:Becoming Your Own Digital Publisher!EDU-41
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Mobile devices are everywhere! But…how do we leverage the power of these tools to provide access to curriculum materials? This session will focus on strategies and tools to enable us to create and deliver materials to students – regardless of the devices they are using. Bring your own technology to the session to help you with your learning experience. Through the use of a course specific on-line collaboration tool, wiki, the instructors will guide the participants through strategies to create and manage customized electronic materials. These differentiated accessible materials can then be employed in the classroom and/or on students’ personal mobile learning devices to support learning in and out of the classroom. Highlights of this sessions include: Discussion of core UDL principles and their relation to mobile devices and digital materials. Strategies for digital publishing.

Topics will include:
Ensuring accessibility
Organizing core content / materials Gathering resources
Employment of the feature matching process to compare / contrast a variety of tools
An overview (with concrete classroom examples) of a variety of tools to create digital materials.

Topic areas include:
Web 2.0 Tools - Browser extensions
Web sites to convert materials
Apps and Websites for book creation (such as Book Builder, etc.) for all mobile operating systems iOS, Android, Windows, Chromebook
Apps for creation of Study Guides Apps for creation of digital portfolios